Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Fitter, Happier.

Tuesday, 28 July 09,

Our pre season friendlies continued last night with a 5-0 win against Szombathelyi and things seem to be progressing nicely. Eduardo made his first start and helped himself to a brace of goals and Bendtner scored 2 as well with the other goal coming from RVP from a spot kick. It was good to see Eduardo playing again and his goal scoring ability could be a real bonus for us this season. As I've said before I really hope his horrific injury is behind him and we can get the best out of him this season.

The team played well enough for a pre season friendly and we still have Cesc, Theo, Clichy, Gibbs & Vela to make an appearence yet. It was a little strange that Rosicky didn't get another run out yesterday but I'm sure the boss knows exactly what he's doing. If we can add the couple of signings we all think we need our squad will look very strong. It was also a little strange to see Senderos playing the holding midfield role again and the rumour is that he is keeping the seat warm for a new signing. I hope that is the case as no matter how well he might look there in pre season as soon as we play a top side he would be lost in that position.

An awful lot has been made about our lack of spending this summer but it is being forgotten how much we spent on Arshavin in Jauary/February. As Lady Arse pointed out yesterday none of the other so called big 4 have spent as much as us so far in 2009. It's easy for the press to say that we don't have any money and it's also easy for Sir Shits His Pants A Lot to say we have no money to spend but they are only speculating. It's not to be forgotten that he took in £80 million for the diver and he has only spent a maximum of a quarter of that. If our squad has been supposedly weakened then theirs is severly depleted. In the long run I think the sale of Adebayor will only serve to strengthen the squad as a unit witha big mouthed trouble making lazy player gone. It was interesting to see Clichy denying that he mentioned Adebayor's name when he said some players only join teams for the money. Whether Clichy denies it or not we all knew who he was talking about.

Henri Lansbury played a starring role for England's under 19s as they progressed from their group with a 7-1 thumping of Slovenia and Rhys Murphy also played with Gavin Hoyte coming on as a sub. Anyone who has read this blog on a consistent basis will know how highly I rate Lansbury and in my opinion he would be a lot closer to the first team by now if he didn't lose the best part of a year to glandular fever. Appearently he played a central midfield role and his performance was compared to Gerrard. He scored the first goal and made 3 others I think but he also came in for a lot of heavy tackles from the opposition.

There are still rumours linking us with Huntelaar and Cattermole but I don't think we'll be signing either of them and Bendtner has rubbished the rumours linking him with a move to Milan. We have the Emirates cup coming up this weekend and both games will be live on Sky. We play Atletico Madrid on Saturday and Rangers on Sunday with both games kicking off at 4.15pm. It will be the fans first and last chance to see the team at home before the season starts and for many fans who won't be there it will be their first chance to see the team on T.V. Before that we have another match tomorrow night against Hannover 96 and they should offer us a sterner test than we have had so far. That's almost it for today and all that's left is for me to mention the Fantasy Football again. Here's the link to set up a team and the codes to join the leagues.

Oleole league code 4383-1847

Oleole Arsenal league code 4383-1835

Oleole Head To Head league code 4383-1828

There's also a score prediction league at I Know The Score which can be accessed from the games title at the top of the Fantasy Premier League page but here's the actual link. The code to join the Oleole league is FC85F-XSC and it's also well worth joining. If you're looking for any tips on who to pick and who not to pick try reading The Football Guy's blog as he's the expert. That's the lot for now.

Here's a clip of the goals from yesterday's win.


And to finish today's title track from Radiohead. The team are getting fitter by the day and I'm sure they're happier with Adebayor gone.


See You Tomorrow.

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