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  3. The British Isles Premier Football Cup Strategy ----- Soccer- 
    The point in this trophy is a British Premier Cup, to give the chance for the smaller leagues of the British and Irish Isles to grow. 
    I do not want the Scottish, Welsh, English and Northern Irish leagues to merge as that would destroy football history, our national identities, and would leave many of my favourite Scottish clubs doing nothing, in the lower divisions of a British League, not qualifying for Europe. Also all the trophies Scottish sides have won in the domestic Scotland football  system, would be relegated to the status of a non - league trophy. 
    I think the best of both worlds is to keep our domestic leagues with European qualification, but add onto that some cross border cups like the Irn Bru Cup does. 
    The British Premier Cup Football--
    Instead of the English trying to steal our biggest teams or annexing our national leagues. If they really want to help us. Give us a cross border cup for the Celtic club sides, like Glasgow Celtic, Glasgow Rangers, Motherwell, and Aberdeen, against some of your big sides. That would help us. 
    My idea would take part of the top 12 sides of the Scottish Premier side, Irish League, League of Ireland and Welsh League. Plus every English Premier side who have not qualified for the Champions League or Europa League. 
    If you really want to help us give us a group stage trophy against your big sides. You would be helping small neighbouring Celtic nations. 
    The ball is in the English court.-