Thursday, 3 September 2015

Arsenal Latest After The Transfer Deadline

The transfer window closed on Tuesday evening without so much as even a whimper from Arsenal. It's hard to make an arguement for the team winning the league when you consider how others have strengthened from last season and Arsenal have only added Petr Cech. I honestly thought a striker would arrive in this summer,  but I had given up all hope well before deadline day.

Arsenal have a very good squad who finished last season strongly and they can put in a real challenge if they can find that form again. They haven't found that form so far though and have struggled through their first four games while City have brushed teams aside to win their first four games. That's the same City who have spent vast amounts on their squad to strengthen a team who finished runners up last season. 

Arsenal aren't the only team to struggle and under perform so far and City's great start has already given them a nice margin over all of the teams who are expected to challenge for the title. If they're going to make up the difference on City and make a real challenge Arsenal are going to have to play an awful lot better. For me I think a new striker was crucial for their chances, but it seems the right player just wasn't available.

The team have only scored three goals in those opening four games and only one of those goals has come from an Arsenal player with two own goals helping their tally. The most worrying aspect is the failure to score at home with no goals in their two home games and a failure to score in five of their last six at home stretching back to last season. It seems to have become too easy to stop Arsenal scoring at home in particular and a new striker with a clinical touch might have been the player to change that.

I like Arsenal's current strikers, but I don't think any of them are of the highest class. 

Olivier Giroud leads the line well, but his lack of pace is a real hindrance and that's not something he can change. I think he looks happy enough to get his shot on target at times even if it doesn't go in and I think he needs to develop a much more clinical streak. I also wish he spent more time concentrating on his goalscoring than he does on his facial expressions when things don't go exactly as he wants.

Theo Walcott has pace to burn, but he just can't lead the line and he's not a natural striker. I don't think his finishing is quite up to scratch either and that is something which he can work on. I still think he plays best in a wide role even if he isn't an out and out winger, but he won't get as many chances as he might like in the team if everybody is fit.

Danny Welbeck has been at the club for a year now and it's still not easy to know how good he is. He's missed a fair amount of time through injury and he probably needs a run in the team to improve his game and continue his development. He should be back from injury once the international break is over and he might just get the chance he needs as others continue not to impress.

There's always the possibility of Alexis Sanchez playing as the central striker, but I don't think it's the ideal position for him. He was a magnificent signing last summer as was the signing of Mesut Ozil the previous summer, but I don't think the position is one he should be played in. Those marquee signings from the last two summers led us to believe the club was going in the right direction, but the failure to use the money available to improve the squad this summer has put a real dampener on things.

I know Cech was a very good signing and he seems to have settled in with two successive clean sheets after a slightly dodgy start. As good as Cech is he won't improve the teams attacking record and it's hard to see where the goals will come from at the moment. It's a long hard season ahead and the players will have to up their game if things are to get better.

There was a huge feeling of expectancy about this season after an excellent second half to last season which culminated in a great performance to retain the FA Cup. Pre season went really well too and there was a genuine feeling that something really big was on the horizon. The first day of the season was a huge let down and it hasn't got much better since then.

I expected to see the team hit the ground running and put in performances to show they are a team to be reckoned with. Instead we have been treated to the frustrating side of Arsenal as they have played at half pace and without the determination needed to put opponents to the sword. City have shown the way from day one and I can't help but feel they have got a jump on every other team by going for it from the start.

I'm not saying City will walk away with the league or that Arsenal are out of it either, but they have already dropped five points from two home games that they should have won with the right attitude and performance. It gives them less wriggle room later in the season if injuries kick in or if they lose some form and that's always likely to happen. At least Arsenal have won their two away games, but both of those wins were far from comfortable at best.

When the team comes back from international duty in just over a week there will be some really tough games and we will get a better idea of how the team might fare this season. They can't afford to approach those games in the manner they have approached their games so far or the season will end in disappointment. I'm not sure they will improve, but I do know they are capable of it and hope springs eternal for football fans.

That's it for today.

See you tomorrow.


  1. All good and well. We have a team that can challenge but Mr. Wenger has a pitiful record of arranging them to win. For example, he will play Ramsey until he is injured no matter what. He is never substituted and will start even if his desired position is not available much to the detriment of the entire squad. Ramsey does not have the discipline to play a "position." He is all over the pitch and I believe is disruptive to the playmaker Ozil. The Ox has clearly been a better choice on the left yet has seen little playing time because Ramsey _has_ to play. There is no place for "favorites" in a professional team.

  2. Well said Anonymous, the picking of Ramsey continually amazes me as does the leaving out of the Ox. Even the Ramsey admirers have to admit that after one tremendous season he has only performed in the odd game. It is my firm belief that given a run in the team the Ox would become first choice before Ramsey and Walcot, Given a good run in the team I certainly think he would score more than the other two put together, sadly I think Wenger will not give him the chance.

  3. We have on paper 3/4 guys who can play central striker.If Coquelin were injured/off form and out for a lengthy spell,wheres the cover. Maybe Chambers or some other player. As for c d I am sure sure Gabriel can take over the Big german's slot.
    It remains to be seen whether Wenger canwin the epl. Fans wont be satisfied with Fa cup if the gunners cant challenge.
    Imho,a top manager's tenancy doesn't last 5 to 8 years unless you can win on a consistent basis.And this is at one team . Wenger has been here for 20 years ,along time by the epl std.