Friday, 10 July 2015

Play Fantasy Premier League And Win €50

The new Premier League season is only just over four weeks away and with it comes the return of Fantasy Premier League. As the seasons have gone by the game has got more and more popular and there was close to 3,500,000 players last season if memory serves me correctly. It's a welcome distraction from the trials and tribulations of your own club's fortunes or misfortunes and a pretty addictive game too.

For my part I've being playing the game for nine years now and had played previous versions of it going right back to the birth of the Premier League. Back in those days we held auctions to buy the players in a friend's house and mini auctions in Bewley's in Dublin throughout the season to deal with transfers. We contacted the people running the game by post, fax and even by phone on occasion and we paid for the privilege of playing too.

Back in those days I fancied myself as a pretty good player and won my mini league in five of the six years I played, but it's a very different game nowadays. With so many players in the game it's difficult to have a team that's much different to other teams and it can come down to the choice of captain all too often. There are a few new features this season and they should help to make the game even more interesting.

If you want to join my league you can do so with the league code 48497-14043 after you have set your team up here . There's a €50 prize for the winner of my league and I hope it will be at least as popular as last season when I had well over 1,000 teams in it. As always there will be regular updates from me on Twitter as the games progress each week throughout the season.

I'll also be writing my weekly preview of every game in which I try to predict what players fantasy managers might want to bring into their teams and who might be a good choice as captain. There are 380 league games to be played this coming season and as always I intend to preview every single one of them. There's an awful lot of work involved in it, but it's most certainly a labour of love on my part. 

That's it for today.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Loved the league last season. I'm looking forward to this one with even more people. What's going to happen to the head to head league? That was a good one as well. Think it had a good amount of people for that version.

    See you tomorrow.

  2. That's nice.

    I will be part of it this season