Thursday, 17 July 2014

Play Fantasy Premier League

The World Cup has just finished but already it's only just over four weeks to the first Premier League game of the new season. With the return of the Premier League we can also welcome back Fantasy Premier League and look forward to another season of the ups and downs of fantasy management. It certainly adds an awful lot of interest to games when you have a stake in the performances of players.

As usual I'll be running my own league yet again and I'll be hoping to have well over 1,000 players in it yet again. There was a €50 prize for the winner of my league last season and that money went to Goran Ivanoski in Macedonia who got his payment through Western Union. Unfortunately I won't be able to offer a cash prize this season after Google decided to remove the ads from my blog unless I can come up with a sponser for the league or the blog.

It's not all about the money anyway and the thrill of playing the game is more than enough for most players. I managed to finish just inside the top 15,000 players overall last season out of well over 2 million players which wasn't too bad. I hope to do even better this season and go all out to try to win my own league.

I'll also be running a head to head league again which is limited to 20 teams and mirrors the Premier League with each team playing each other home and away over the season. I won my head to head league last season and anyone who wants to join in can contact me through Twitter to do so. With all of the players in the league on Twitter I try to post the fixtures every week and get a little interaction going.

I will also be running my predictions league again when the competition starts up and of course I'll be doing my Premier League predictions blog every week too. In that blog I take a look at players who might be good fantasy buys or might be a good choice as fantasy captain as well as predicting the scoreline of every single Premier League game over the season. 

It all adds up to an awful lot of work on my part but I wouldn't have it any other way. You can join my fantasy league on the official site with the code 13125-4843 to join the league after you have picked a team. With unlimited free transfers until the season begins there's no reason not to start tinkering with your team already. Over the next few weeks I'll run through each of the teams and which players I think might be good buys for fantasy managers.

That's it for today.

See you tomorrow.

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