Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fantasy Premier League Season Review

The Premier League is over for another season and with it fantasy football has ended until next August too. Regular readers will know I run my own league on the official Fantasy Premier League website and that there was a €50 prize for the winner this season. After 38 games Goran Ivanoski emerged as the winner on an impressive 2,508 points and with an overall position of 225 out of 3,218,896 players.

I've been in contact with Goran through the forum in my league and then by email and his prize will be with him by the end of the week. He did very well to come out on top of my league in only his second season playing the game and hopefully he will be back next season to defend his title. There were 1,157 teams in the league this season and I hope there will be even more next season as it continues to grow. Obviously the offer of prize money helps to attract teams and I'm hoping to raise that prize money next season. If I can get a few more clicks on the ads in my blog it should lead to me earning enough from the blog to double that prize money next season.

My own team didn't do too badly as I finished 22nd in my own league and in 14,870th place overall with 2,384 points. I had a few good weeks and a few bad ones, but I thought about my transfer decisions a lot harder this season and it paid off. Here's a look at how the top of my league finished this season.

1GORANprogoran ivanoski572,508
2ČechmateSean Kehoe502,476
3Trini Red DevilsNigel Smith552,466
4Aint got a KalouSean Yates522,463
5Undertakers UtdTahir Ali622,456
6izbrisanidomen petelin662,444
7mind the gapJohnny Giang532,428
8DaredevilsSahil Nirula552,426
9galteegunnersDamian Hynes512,421
10The Wizard of ÖzilAdebayo Somotun672,412
11Topossa XISaikat Dhar392,411
12jumpers4goalpostsPaul Bonner642,410
13BonyOnZidane'sFloorAmol Mansahia652,404
14Bring on the paingeorge rogers512,403
15Murume OnpointKenfer Muthomi632,394
16Pollos Hermanos FCDan Rezny612,394
17Half-Arse(nal)dNick McKeon EasyLuckyFree552,389
18barca_foreverGautam Manisekaran462,389
19LolcottSeVeN 21542,386
20Royal AthleticDavid Agyarko382,385
21Northern MonkeysGary Sloan502,384
22Jamrock RoversMichael Sheehy652,384
23We're Not Very Goodeileen ring552,383

Besides my league which was open to all comers I also ran a head to head league which was open to only 20 players and mirrored the format of the Premier League. My eldest son won the head to head league last season and I managed to keep it in the family by taking the title myself this season. It went right to the wire but I needed a win in the last Gameweek and managed to do just that while my closest rival lost to give me the title with five points to spare.

I'll be running the head to head league again next season and I'll be looking for entrants through Twitter yet again. There can be some good banter each week on Twitter between the players playing against each other which is why I want all of the players in it to be active on Twitter. You can find me on Twitter under the guise of JamrockRover with plenty to say about fantasy football and of course my beloved Arsenal. Here's a look at how my head to head league finished.

1Jamrock Rovers260122,38478
2Bring on the pain241132,40373
3Shere WillPower FC240142,30472
6Young Ilen guns210172,15863
7Squad is a bit thin202162,29162
8Sugar tweets 1-1 SJP202162,13262
9Botanic Gooners200182,17960
10Olivier and Kompany181192,21055
11Chamakh my pitch up!180201,87654
13Gwladys St 1878's163192,23551
14The All-Star Elite162202,15350
15Bergkamp's Magic160221,91248
16Ilen guns fc152211,92147
17The Invincibles142222,22344
18The Armoury141232,03243
20Arsene's Zipper XI140241,98542

The final league I was running was a predictions league on the Talksport site and there was a €25 prize on offer to the winner of the league. Karl-Yngve Lund more or less ran away with the league but I have had little luck in tracing him so far to send him his prize. I'll be running the predictions league again next season and hopefully I can raise the prize money in that league too.

I didn't fare too badly in my predictions league, but my loyalty to Arsenal probably cost me a few points during the season. I'm sure regular readers will know I always predict an Arsenal win in my weekly predictions despite the opposition and maybe I should let my head rule my heart occasionally. I can't see that changing next season or ever for that matter as I always believe my team will win. Here's a look at how the top 10 in my predictions league finished.

PositionPlayer NamePTSTWBB
NC 1 (1)  Karl-Yngve Lund2595+1500
Up 2 (4)  Paul Kingston2355+17520
NC 3 (3)  Wayne Hubbard2310+7515
Down 4 (2)  MickTheGooner2305+6015
NC 5 (5)  Abu K2235+900
NC 6 (6)  KildareGunner2120+100
NC 7 (7)  Michael Sheehy2065+12015
NC 8 (8)  goonerdhanesh1780+8515
NC 9 (9)  Sulabh129000
NC 10 (10)  Gaurav Ahuja88500

Finally for today there's quite often something in the name of a team and it's hard to deny the overall winner of Fantasy Premier League knew what he was doing. He named his team "Captain Suarez" and Luis Suarez was the top scoring player despite missing the first five games through suspension. 

That's it for today.

See you tomorrow.

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