Thursday, 6 June 2013

Could Cesc Fabregas Really Rejoin Arsenal

There has been a fair deal of speculation recently about the possibility of Cesc Fabregas rejoining Arsenal. He left Arsenal two years ago to join his hometown club and the team he grew up playing football for. All has not possibly been quite as expected for him since his return to Barcelona which has led to speculation of his imminent departure.

In many of Barcelona's big games in the last two seasons it's been Cesc who has missed out on a starting berth. While some of the older and more established stars kept their places in the team Cesc has been left to play in the games that weren't quite so important. Whether this has had an effect on him or not is anyone's guess but if it has then maybe Arsenal have got a chance of resigning their former captain.

Despite being brought up at Barcelona and in the Barcelona way Cesc made his name at Arsenal where he became a real star in his eight years at the club. When he left to rejoin Barcelona it was a real blow to Arsenal and he has not been adequately replaced. Other players have come in and done very well but none of them possess the genuine world class credentials of Cesc.

Arsenal may have a bit of a glut of midfielders at the moment but there is always room for a player of his ability in almost any team. His creativity and goalscoring would be a welcome boost to an Arsenal team that have failed to seriously challenge for trophies since he left. I think the club should do everything in their power to let him know he is still wanted at Arsenal and see if he and Barcelona can be tempted to part ways.

When Cesc joined Barcelona there was said to be a clause in the contract which gave Arsenal first choice should Barcelona decide to sell him. If that is the case then surely Arsenal have to be leading the way to sign a player who still professes his love for the club. A lot could depend on that clause and whether there is a set price in it or not.

If he is available on the open market there are other teams who have the financial clout to outbid Arsenal. It's almost impossible to compete with the bottomless pockets of the oil baron owned clubs and they would surely bid more for him than Arsenal can afford. I don't think his wage demands would be too much of an obstacle for Arsenal though as it was widely reported he took a cut in his wages to join Barcelona.

If Cesc really has decided he wants to leave Barcelona there can be no better place for him to go than the club which made him the player he is. I would hope he would be happy to come back to Arsenal and turn down the advances of other clubs and the fortunes they might offer him. He could be the signing Arsenal need to prove they are ready to do battle with the very best yet again after two seasons in the relative doldrums.

As a life long Arsenal fan I would love to see Cesc return to the club and light up the Premier League yet again. My opinions are a little biased in his favour though as my blog did start off five years or so ago with the name "Cesc Is God". It hurt when I had to drop that name and I won't be going back to it if he does return, but I would be happy for him to put his two seasons at Barcelona behind him and come back to a club where he really is loved.

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