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Predictions For Premier League Gameweek 25.

It's that time of the week again when I attempt to predict the outcome of this week's Premier League games. Last week wasn't a complete washout for me, as I managed to move from fifth in my predictions league, up to fourth. That wasn't really too much to do with me doing well, as I only managed one perfect prediction, five correct outcomes, and seven incorrect outcomes. Thankfully some others did worse than that, and I moved up to fourth, but unless there's a drastic improvement very soon, I won't be going much further. Here's a look at how the predictions league stands.

NC 1
_Bradley08 1220 +90 20
NC 2
essexgooner1965 955 +30 0
NC 3
preetgreet 880 +60 5
Up 4
aranmichael 780 +60 0  
Down 5
Nickmc1980 750 -35 0
NC 6
COSGOONER 710 +40 0
NC 7
billygooner_29 660 +20 0
NC 8
oakhamgooner 605 +45 5
NC 9
Imjola 555 +35 5
Up 10
Sinesladael 485 +20 0
Arsenal are now up to second in the league, but they find themselves five points behind the leaders "Manure". They are on a good run of league form, as they have managed to keep four clean sheets in a row, and take 10 points in those games. When they have their best team out on the pitch they are a force to be reckoned with, and I would imagine they will do just that in this game. The loss of Samir Nasri to a hamstring injury will be a blow, but with Cesc Fabregas, and Robin Van Persie in the team they have players who can beat any team almost on their own.

Everton have done well against the better teams in the Premier League this season, and they will be looking to continue that form in this game. They have only lost three of their twelve away league games so far, but they have only won two of them. I'm sure they would be happy to get a draw, but they will have to defend very well to do so.

I think Arsenal will continue their pursuit of "Manure" with a win in this game.

Prediction 2-1.
Sunderland have a very good home record in the Premier League this season with only one defeat in 12 games so far. They're only one point behind the fifth placed "Spuds", and four points off a Champions League spot which is held by Chelsea. A win in this game would almost see them considered as genuine contenders for a Champions League spot. It won't be an easy game for them, but they have beaten Chelsea once already this season.

Chelsea have managed only four wins in twelve away games so far this season, and they need to reverse that trend to get back in the title race. In their last league game Didier Drogba showed signs that he is returning to his best form, after his bout of malaria, and that could be just what they need. The title is not beyond them yet, but it will be tough to catch the three teams ahead of them.

I think that Sunderland will manage to get a point out of this game, and remain unbeaten against Chelsea in the league this season.

Prediction 1-1
"Manure" have a fantastic home record in the league this season, and they are red hot favourites to improve upon it in this game. They have won 11 of their 12 home games, and scored 34 goals in the process. It's meant that their poor away form hasn't cost them too dearly, and with a tough end to the month coming up they know that have to win this game.

Aston Villa have had back to back wins to get them out of the relegation zone, and they now need to push on towards the top end of the table. This is going to be a really tough game for them, as they have the worst defence away from home in the league, and they have lost seven of their 12 away games so far.

I can't see anything other than a "Manure" victory in this game, but I hope I'm wrong. 

Prediction 2-0
West Brom are just above the relegation zone, but they managed to halt their slide by winning their last home game. Their defence is pretty poor, and they need to start keeping some clean sheets or they will be in real trouble. This is a very big game for them, as a win would see them climb well clear of the relegation zone, and make the problems for Wigan even worse.

Wigan are a hard team to figure out, as they seem capable of playing very well at times, and very poorly all too often as well. They are in the relegation zone, but a win in this game would see them level on points with their opponents. They need to start winning some games very soon, as four wins in 24 games is relegation form.

I think West Brom will have enough about them to just about edge a victory in this game, and ease their relegation worries for a while at least.

Prediction 2-1
Amid the excitement of reaching the Carling Cup final, it has to be remembered that Birmingham are only one point, and one place above the relegation places. Their home form has been good in previous seasons, but they have only won three of their 11 home games so far. It will be interesting to see if the players can use their Carling Cup final appearance as a springboard to improve their league position.

Man City have slipped back to third in the table after defeat to Aston Villa in their last league match, but their away form is impressive, and is only bettered by Arsenal. They will be looking to win this game, or they are in danger of losing touch at the top of the table. Carlos Tevez, Edin Dzeko and David Silva are the key players for them, and if they perform they are a formidable team.

I think Birmingham are going to find themselves in even more relegation trouble after this game, as I think City will win.

Prediction 1-2
Blackburn are eighth in the table, with a good home record, and a tight defence at home as well. They will see this game as an ideal opportunity to beat one of the bigger teams in the Premier League, and they are sure to give the Spuds a tough match.

The Spuds need to get a win after drawing their last match, as the teams below them are closing fast on them, and they are falling further behind the Champions League places. Their away form is not very impressive, and they have conceded more goals on their travels than they have scored so far this season.

I think that Blackburn will put a further dent in The Spuds ambitions by holding them to a draw.

Prediction 1-1
Blackpool have been a revelation since their promotion to the Premier League, but their home form is starting to let them down just a little at the moment. With only three wins in 10 home games they need to reverse the trend of losing at home, or they could find themselves drawn into the relegation dogfight. It looks like they will lose the inspirational Charlie Adam in the transfer window, and if they do that could be a huge problem for them.

West Ham may be still at the foot of the table, but things are so tight down there that a win could see them outside the bottom three. Their defence has been very poor so far, but they will hope that the addition of Robbie Keane will at least help them to score more goals. If they are to avoid relegation, it's games like this one that they need to win.

I think that there will be goals in this game, and it could go either way, but I'm going for a draw.

Prediction 2-2
Bolton had been doing very well in the league until recently, but suddenly they have hit a bad spell, and slipped back to 11th place. Their home form had been the rock that the early part of the season was built on, and with only two defeats in 12 games it's still pretty good. They will see a game against a team in the bottom three as a great chance to get thinks back on tracks, and they have to be favourites for this game.

Wolves have had some very good results this season against some of the better teams in the league, but they still find themselves in the relegation zone. They have the worst away record in the league with only four points in 11 games, but they did manage to win away to Liverpool. Last week Liverpool got their revenge with a 3-0 win at Wolves ground, and they need to bounce back from that result very quickly.

I have a funny feeling that Wolves will manage to take a point from an out of form Bolton team.

Prediction 1-1
Fulham seem to have turned things around, and I expect them to continue to climb the table over the next few weeks. Their 4-0 FA Cup victory over The Spuds will have helped their confidence too, and now they just have to start turning their league draws into wins.

Newcastle have coped pretty well since Andy Carroll has been out injured, and it looks like they will have to cope without him for good as he seems destined to join Liverpool. They have had a good season since regaining their Premier League status, and I'm sure they would happily take their current mid-table position as their finishing one.

I can see this game ending in a draw as well, as it would be a result to suit both sides.

Prediction 1-1
Liverpool have been incredibly busy in the transfer market, but it seems like they will lose Fernando Torres, and gain a few players who are not as good as him. It may increase the overall quality of the squad, but it's almost impossible to replace a player with the quality of Torres. I still think that they are good enough to finish in the top six, but anything more than that is a mighty big ask for them. Their home record is still pretty impressive this season though, and they should be well capable of beating Stoke RFC.

Stoke RFC have done reasonably well so far, and their current mid-table position is probably where they will finish. They have managed three away wins so far this season which is more than they usually manage, but they have also lost seven of their 11 away league games so far.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of the home fans to all the comings and goings on deadline day, and also how Liverpool manage to play if those players they have signed are in the team. I expect Liverpool to have too much for Stoke RFC, and get their third league win in a row.

Prediction 2-0

As usual feel free to tell me where I may have gone wrong or right, as the case may be.

That's it for today

See You Tomorrow.

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