Sunday, 12 December 2010

Arsenal Hope To Shove Patrice Evra's Words Down His Throat.

It's been a couple of days since "Manure's" full back Patrice Evra decided to share his opinions on Arsenal with us. He's a very good player, and he has been the best left back in the Premier League for the last few seasons in my opinion. However, he is nasty little shit of a man who deserves everything that hopefully comes his way tomorrow night.

When "Manure" beat Arsenal in the Champions League semi final a couple of seasons ago he told all who would listen that it was a case of men against boys. The next time Arsenal played his team the Arsenal players took turns to kick him, and I sincerely hope that they do the same thing this time.

I hope that Samir Nasri, Bakary Sagna, Marouane Chamakh and Robin Van Persie all get plenty of chances to give him exactly what he deserves. His lack of respect for Arsenal is typical of a man who got himself banned from playing for his country after his antics at the World Cup.

I have seen him play a few times this season, and he is not playing at all well. One of the main reasons for "Manure's" poor defensive display this season has been his displays at left back. In all the talk of how poor Arsenal's defence is, it has to be remembered that "Manure" have only conceded two goals less than them, and they have played a game less as well.

When you break down Evra's comments it's obvious that the man doesn't have a clue what he's talking about as well. He claims that Arsenal don't kill off matches, and that "Manure" are more efficient than them. Has he forgotten the games against West Brom, Fulham and Everton so far this season to name just three times where "Manure" were unable to kill off a game they should have won.

Against Everton they let a two goal lead slip in injury time, and almost lost the game but just about managed a draw. Against Fulham they let in a very late equaliser after they had missed a penalty to put the game beyond Fulham. Agains West Brom they were 2-0 up at home at half time, and they then handed two goals to West Brom on a plate to draw 2-2. Are these the actions of an efficient team?

He also claims that Chelsea are the team that "Manure" have to worry about, and the longer he thinks that the better for Arsenal and probably Man City too. After yesterday's results Man City are ahead of "Manure" in the league, and Arsenal are now playing the third placed team tomorrow. Depending on the outcome of the Spuds v Chelsea game today "Manure" could well find themselves in fourth place going into that game, and it's also possible that Arsenal could be down to second.

That all points to a very tight league table, and some very big games to come over the next few weeks. If you are to believe the experts then "Manure" always play better after Christmas, and the best is yet to come from them. I can remember a few years when "Manure" certainly didn't play better after Christmas, such as 1998, 2002 and 2004. All of those years have something in common, as Arsenal won the league each time, and "Manure" crumbled under the pressure of a very strong Arsenal challenge.

Trips to Old Trafford are never easy, but Arsenal have had their fair share of success at "Manure's" stadium over the years under Arsene Wenger. I'll preview the game tomorrow, but I genuinely believe that Arsenal have a very good chance of going there and getting a positive result. If they do manage that result I hope to see it enhanced by the sending off a certain full back after he reacts negatively to being kicked up and down the pitch. I know that's an ideal situation for me, but I can dream can't I.

That's it for today's short post.

See You Tomorrow. 


  1. It would be nice to see an angry Arsenal give Evra a little payback. Here is my plan. Get to 3-0 up and then let Jack W clatter the little c**t. Sweet justice.

    Not wanted to win a game as much as this one for a long while and think we can, although I do keep chopping and changing. Sigh.

  2. I would love to see Arsenal take turns to kick lumps out of him and give him exactly what he deserves.
    I'm like you in thinking we can win it one minute and then being scared by our defensive abilities the next.