Thursday, 25 February 2010

Something And Nothing.

Thursday, 25 February 10

Last night was a fairly eventful night in the Champions league and the FA Cup and it went very well for Arsenal on a number of counts. The first bit of good news was the red card received by "he who shall remain nameless" for Man City against Stoke in their FA Cup replay. I had also hoped that the game would go to extra time as we have to play Stoke on Saturday evening and that wish came true as well with Stoke eventually winning 3-1. I know that Stoke will probably get a boost from that result but I am also hopeful that their exertions will catch up with them. With any luck their minds will be on their FA Cup quarter final tie with Chelsea next week and we can go there and get the win that we desperately need on Saturday. Speaking of Chelsea they were beaten 2-1 last night by Inter Milan in the 1st leg of their Champions league tie. They will be the favourites to go through to the last 8 though with the home leg in 3 weeks time. However, they did suffer another injury setback as Cech got what looked like a serious knee injury and maybe the gods of injuries have decided to switch their attentions to Chelsea instead of us for a change with Mr Tweedy recently breaking his ankle as well. If that's the case I'm sure LadyArse will be delighted as she enjoys her break in Paris. All we need now is Drogba to get injured and Shrek for Manure too and the league will be as good as ours.

Sol Campbell was speaking on the club site about our chances of winning the title and he believes it is possible if we "fire on all cylinders". Apparently he has a slight calf injury but I sincerely hope he can recover in time for the Stoke match on Saturday as it would seem Gallas will miss out and the thought of Silvestre trying to defend the continious high balls and long throws scares the hell out of me.

According to the Dutch national team manager RVP might be ready to start playing again in early April although with that only 5 weeks away I'd be very surprised if that is the case. I've said all along that I think we will only see him at the end of the season before he goes on to star in the World Cup for The Nrtherlands just to prove there is no justice for Arsenal.

I've been a big fan of Dzeko at Wolfsburg for quite a while now but with the news that they want €40million for him I suspect that Arsenal have been priced out of the market. I'm sure Manure cannot afford him either and the Italian clubs are all broke too which only leaves Chelsea who claim to be trying to no longer make a loss and Man City with their bottomless pockets in the market for him.

There have been a few pictures circulating of the proposed new jersey for next season and it is an homage to our first double winning team of 1971. Whether these pictures are real or not there probably will be a one off kit for next season to celebrate our 125th anniversary as there was for our last season at Highbury.

I'm really looking forward to my trip to the Emirates next week for the match against Burnley and I am really hoping that the weather has changed for the better and I won't be absolutely frozen in the ground. I suppose it can't get any worse than my aborted trip to the Everton game on January 9th when Dublin airport was closed due to less than an inch of snow and my flight was cancelled. Even after booking onto a new flight I still didn't make it as that flight was cancelled too and I hope I'm not tempting fate by booking onto the exact same flight 8 weeks later for the Burnley game. I think I'll be going to the supporters club on Saturday to have a few beers while watching Arsenal as it's on ESPN and I don't have a subscription to that channel. Hopefully we can get the win we need and I'll have an extra few to celebrate with my fellow Wicklow Gooners. That's the lot for today.

I've been posting my blog on the BleacherReport as well recently and I ran a poll asking who is Arsenal's greatest player in the modern era. Here's a little bit of the winner.

And to finish today's title track from The Wedding Present. There wasn't a whole lot to report today but I think I found something even if it was nothing.

See You Tomorrow.

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