Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Right Stuff.

Tuesday, 03 November 09

This week is a very strange one for me. I have been due a lot of time off work and I started taking it last Friday and I will have this Friday off as well. I also have my 3rd or is it 4th wedding of the year to attend on Saturday afternoon when my wife's sister marries a fellow Gooner and fan of The Specials. The wedding reception is next door to the Arsenal supporters club in Bray but the match against Wolves may not be on in the supporters club as they have an issue with ESPN of which I'm not sure of the details. If the match isn't on in the supporters club the chances are that a good few of the members will make a trip to Gibneys in Malahide to watch the game out there. We went there last season for the league game at Manure and it was a great day out which was our version of a "Jolly Boy's Outing". I really hope that I don't have to miss out on the trip because I've being looking forward to it since last season's trip. On top of that I'll have to work out a way to keep up with the score of the match while I'm at the reception without anyone noticing. Thankfully my phone has great internet capability at a very cheap rate and I just have to remember to keep the silent mode on.

There isn't a whole heap of news to report before we play AZ tomorrow night but 1 man who has been in the news is Eboue. He made what sounded like a come and get me plea to PSG as he said he would not break his contract at Arsenal but he would like to play in Ligue 1 some day and he has always admired PSG. He apparently said that if they were to offer him a deal the reply would be positive but for now his is focused on this season for Arsenal and next summer we will have to see. Am I right in saying that he only signed a new contract a little while before the end of last season and if so we could get a transfer fee for him. I could live with selling him as in my opinion he is our 2nd choice right back and no more but I don't see anyone else coming through in that position and that is an issue that would have to be addressed if we were to sign him.

RVP has spoken about how great his family life with his wife and 2 kids is and how it makes him stable and gives him a good basis to perform. He also said that he was struggling physically after the birth of his second child recently but it's better now. If that's how he plays when he's struggling I can't wait to see what his form will be like when the baby is sleeping through the night. It was also great to hear him say that he would love to play against Man City in the quarter finals of the Carling Cup but I have a funny feeling that he might have a little bit of revenge on his mind. We all know he has an edge to his game at times and I think we can more or less guarentee sparks will fly when he next plays against he who shall remain nameless. The fans love a player who feels the same sort of emotions as they do and he added to that by saying that it was great to beat The Spuds at the weekend and he always enjoys hearing that they have lost but it's even better to beat them ourselves.

The bad news is that our reserves lost their unbeaten start to the season last night as they lost 2-0 at home to Portsmouth in a league game. I had a quick look at the reserve table and I realised that The Spuds pulled their team out of the league. With such a strong squad as they have(Robbie Keane couldn't be wrong could he) it's strange that they don't want to give their fringe players a few games so that they can remember what it's like to play the odd game. Who knows they might have had the oppurtunity to get beaten by our reserves so that they could feel just like the first team players. On a Spuds note I saw the picture below on Twitter last night and from what I can see it's a genuine DVD which can be bought from their club site in the true tradition of their DVDs that are released after they manage not to lose to us.

That's it for today.

Here's Jay Emmanuel Thomas's first senior goal on loan from Arsenal to Blackpool.


And to finish today's title track from Black Uhuru. It's good to hear RVP coming out with the right stuff that us fans want to hear.


See You Tomorrow.

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