Monday, 13 July 2009

You're Wondering Now.

Monday, 13 July 09

I suppose I should start by apologising for the lack of a blog yesterday but there were exceptional circumstances. I had hoped to get some passes to see The Specials at Oxegen but it didn't seem to have worked out until about 2 yesterday afternoon and then I got a call to say my name was on the VIP list and I could brinf a guest. I had put time and effort into preparing a blog but that was all forgotten in an instant and my good lady wife and I made our way there as quickly as humanly possible. I have been a fan of The Specials for more years can I care to remember and they were all I could have wished for and more. There may have been a biblical style deluge just as they took the stage but we couldn't have cared less as we danced and sang our way through a great performance. I am due a few days off from work and I took one today to recover and bask in the afterglow of a fabolous day and night.

As this is an Arsenal blog I will get back to some Arsenal news and it has been reported that the club are in talks with Man City as they want to sign the 25. I would imagine that we will only sell if the boss has another player lined up to take his place. He said at the start of the summer that he would sign some experience to compliment the players he already has but the only player we have signed so far is Vermaelen. I would ideally like us to sign Dzeko if the 25 goes but it appears that Wolfsburg won't sell. There are no other new names linked with us today that I can see but all the usual names are mentioned again. At least it appears that things might be getting a little bit interesting as we have our first pre season friendly on Saturday and the majority of the first team squad are now back at training with only Cesc, Theo, Gibbs & Vela to return.
It's now a little less than 5 weeks to the start of the new season and things are also hotting up in the land of Fantasy Football with the leagues I have set up getting fuller by the day. Here are the details for anyone who wants to join. Just follow the link below, set up a team, go to leagues & then join a league and enter the codes for any private league you want to join. Feel free to enter and all are welcome.


Oleole league 4383-1847

Oleole Arsenal league 4383-1835

Oleole Head To Head league 4383-1828 (limited to 20 teams & 15 have joined already).

The club site has announced the result of the player of the season for last season and RVP has won the award. It didn't come as a surprise to me as there were no other contenders for the award really as the runners up had all been announced. In my opinion no one player really stood out for us as Cesc had the season before but RVP probably deserved the award and I hope it can inspire him to even better things next season. That's the lot for today.
Here's a clip of RVP at his best.


And to finish today's title track from The Specials at Oxegen yesterday. It fits in nicely with the current situation with the 25.


See You Tomorrow.

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